Grandstanding Chamisa in a street cleaning campaign

by Elijah Chihota

After failing to impress the electorate in his presidential bid, MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has nothing else to do and he has decided to turn to the streets as a cleaner and was seen cleaning in the Glen View area, today.

The relevance seeking Chamisa led the so-called cleaning campaign in Glen View 3 shops and Budiriro and took to social media to advertise the deed raising the ire of netizens.

 “I’m In Glenview for a community hygiene programme .Our Smart cities agenda calls for a collective national effort,” tweeted Chamisa.

His tweet did not go down well with other citizens who view the MDC Alliance as being behind the outbreak of cholera due to its failure to offer top notch service in urban areas.

 “Please ensure that you have paid election agents their dues. Elections are not won by logistics! Musakanganwa chazuro nehope. Ko Cholera yakarwiswa nekanzuru basi here? Saka muchiona kuti vanhu vanotevera vasina muwono wakakwana kungoti yes yes yes pese pese,” wrote Dr TM Famaba@DrTMFamba on his Twitter handle.

Munashe Mtutsa took to his Facebook page to remind Chamisa that he and his party were responsible for this. “There is nothing thunderous about cholera no one will ever celebrate the anopheles mosquito for appearing to fight malaria,” wrote Mtutsa.


Meanwhile, another resident, Tinashe Mutimusakwa reminded the MDC Alliance that they would never get anywhere near the levers of powers. “MDC haitonge Zimbabwe they have support but no strategy,” said Mutimusakwa.

The cholera outbreak was reported in early September and has since claimed the lives of 49 people. Cases of burst sewer pipes were being reported in Glen View suburb, but the city fathers chose to pay a deaf ear until it got out of hand.