Chamisa, a failed opposition leader too blinded by selfish agendas

by Anesu Pedzisayi

The reckless remarks that continuously come from MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, at a time when Zimbabwe is focusing on re-building the nation is alarming, if not dangerous and destructive.

The country recently held harmonised elections, where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was constitutionally elected to lead Zimbabwe, under the 2nd Republic.

However, despite the Constitutional Court ruling in favour of President Mnangagwa, Chamisa has maintained the wrong assertion that the President is an illegitimate leader and has vowed to remove President Mnangagwa from power. I would call it treason, simply because the Constitution recognises President Mnangagwa as the legitimate leader.

Duly so, President Mnangagwa can only be removed from power through the 2023 election, which is if people do not vote for his second term in power. Also, impeachment is close to impossible, as ZANU PF has two thirds majority in Parliament. Any other means that Chamisa would attempt on carrying out, would be tantamount to illegally unseating a constitutionally elected leader.

Chamisa has shown that, despite taking part in an open democratic space where numerous political parties participated in the harmonised elections, he has not accepted the results that do not favour his selfish and dictatorial reasons. He has shown a deficiency of values that extend beyond himself. A leader with the electorate’sinterests at heart would concede defeat and offer his ideas in a constructive and positive way in order to build the nation.  That’s patriotism, a critical ingredient that Chamisa lacks.

Chamisa, in fear of being outplayed by other strong political contenders in his party like MDC Alliance Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora, has declared that the Presidential position in the MDC party will not be contested.  He has continuously interfered in MPs candidate selection, Council elections, strategically imposing Mayorshe feels are strongly aligned to him, and not on the basis that they were voted for by people who wanted their representation, but because they have shown allegiance to him.

In this second republic, President Mnangagwa has consistently called for citizens to uphold the rule of law, and abide by the stipulations and dictates of the Constitution. Chamisa has been retrogressive in his approach, as he is forcing people to march in the streets and demonstrate against a constitutionally elected President, where already, one can pre-empt on MDC violence and hooliganism.

Chamisa has proclaimed that he is organising his supporters as he has a grand plan to peacefully remove President Mnangagwa from power. Now, from recent incidents, Chamisa led demonstrations and marches that have ultimately resulted in violence, destruction of property and harm to innocent citizens. He has always incited his party supporters to take to the streets, all to fight for a cause that has only benefited his personal agendas.

As it stands, Chamisa has violated every meaning of the word “Democracy” that is found in the party’s name. He has managed to show a profound misconstruction of the word democracy, as his ways of leading are centred on what he sees as right or wrong, hiding behind the narrative that it is the will of the people and that God is in it. Even the Bible clearly states that leaders are chosen by God. Had he been the chosen one, no doubt he would have had a landslide victory in the recently held elections. But alas, it has not been so.

Chamisa has failed to sell himself to the electorate, thus trying to take advantage of the economic situation and riding on it to force citizens to rise against Government, which in its own turn, is making radical efforts in making sure Zimbabweans have a decent standard of living and realising the middle income economy by 2030. 

Building Zimbabwe is a collective effort that needs all hands on deck, above politics. It is the central, primary and ultimate goal of every citizen, where contributions should be forwarded, progressive debates engaged in without anyone holding the country at ransom or inciting the next person to demonstrate. President Mnangagwa has said he is a listening President and tasked his team to do the same, and it is this olive branch that Chamisa should hold on to, so that the country progresses forward.

Unless Chamisa realises and accepts that living in a democracy entails for divergent of views that need to be upheld and respected, then he will forever remain the failed opposition leader known for throwing tantrums, holding the nation at ransom and too selfish to contribute to national development unless he gets credit for it.