Take stern measures on price hikes: ZANU PF tells Gvt

by Zivanai Dhewa

People from all walks of life have welcomed sentiments by ZANU PF urging Government to take stern measures on businesses that continue to defy government directives to maintain prices prevailing before 1 October 2018, in order to protect consumers from runaway prices that have chocked the economy, like hyacinth on water.  

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Simon Khaya Moyo called Business to order.

“ZANU PF calls upon Business, that is to say; the productive, financial, wholesale, retail and service sectors to strictly adhere to the principles of good corporate governance and ensure that goods and services are delivered to the people without artificial constraints.

“And for business to ensure that prices of goods and services revert back to those ruling at the time prior to pronouncement of the fiscal and monetary policy measures,” said Khaya Moyo.

One netizen known as Maimba, posted on his Twitter page, in support of President Mnangagwa, ZANU PF and Government policies and economic stance in an effort to resolve the economic challenges obtaining.

“ED’s government policies and practices are better than Mugabe’s. The situation in Zimbabwe can only get better not worse as detractors so wish.  It is unrealistic to expect ED to clean up Bob’s 20 year mess in under two years,” said Maimba.

Supporting proposals by the ZANU PF leadership to revoke licenses of all businesses that choose to defy government directive, netizen known by the name Villagegirl posted on her Twitter handle that: “Indiscipline is too much, revoke licences and give to new people with proper business ethics,” she said.

She added:  “2008 was different because now we are working to fix the country, and all hands should be on deck.  Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was not easy, ask Nehamiah.  We accept that some will be there to mock.

Totosunga dzisimbe, change is here, zvekuyita quick dollars zvirikupera soon.  People will work for their dollars.  Sacrifices will have to be made as we are fixing the country for the next generation.  The same, our grandfathers/mothers participated in the Chimurenga,” concluded Villagegirl.

Meanwhile, Professor Mthuli has bolstered his position on the two cents per dollar tax, and had confirmed that the Bond note and the US dollar are still trading at 1:1, therefore there is no need to hike prices by the Business community.