Zinara boss convicted

by Bruce Zvandasara

Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) Technical Director, Engineer Moses Juma was yesterday convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Findings by Grant Thornton who conducted a Forensic Audit into ZINARA recommended that Eng Juma be put before a disciplinary board for incompetence, negligence and inefficiency as evidenced by dereliction of duty with regards to disbursement made on special projects without technical input, purchase of prefabricated office material without board approval and recruitment of employees single-handedly without Human Resources approval.

According to a preliminary report on the investigation of special projects funded by Zinara for various road authorities, which is dated August 21, 2017, Zinara’s Engineer Juma was accused of being “at the centre of the improper engagements of various contractors for the implementation of contracts by road authorities.”

This is a developing story.