TSP already yielding results

by Zivanai Dhewa

People from all walks of life have welcomed efforts by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development,  Professor Mthuli Ncube, to ensure that people regain their confidence in the banking sector by putting in place measures that ensure a 1:1 rate with the US$ is maintained.

Erick Matotoba, posted on his twitter handle saying, “Step by step we will get there as a nation.  A farmer starts by enduring the pain of land preparation, planting, weeding and watering coupled by a long wait for his crop to reach harvesting time.”

Chrispen Shumba encouraged Prof Ncube to continue with his financial policies as they are visibly paying off.

“Push on Prof Ncube, you are such a hardworking man.  All hopes of Zimbabweans are in you, keep pushing until we yield the results,” said Shumba.

Echoing Shumba’s sentiments, Taurai Zizhou said, “I’m starting to see the light already as the US dollar and the Rand are plummeting from the obscene rates.”

“Keep going, just keep focused.  There is a giant in you and we believe that you are capable of turning around this economy, said one netizen by the name Dunmore Hlatshwayo

Meanwhile, the US dollar dropped its exchange value which was at US$100 to 500 Bond notes by close of day yesterday; to UDS$100 to 150 Bond notes this morning and it keeps dropping.  This has been largely attributed to the Afreximbank Agreement where Prof Ncube managed to secure a facility to guarantee 1:1 convertibility of RTGS balances into US$ and availability of US$ for Nostro FCAs.