ZESAgate Whistle-blower wife kidnapped

by Bruce Zvandasara

A whistle-blower who is assisting in the on-going investigations into the alleged corruption activities in Zesa had his wife kidnapped by unknown assailants on Wednesday afternoon.

The whistle-blower whose identity has been kept under the lid for security reasons narrated the ordeal which he said has left his family in fear.

It is reported that on Wednesday, while the whistle-blower was giving testimony to the Auditor General offices over the implication of ZESA and all its subsidiaries bosses into corrupt activities, the assailants pounced on his wife at their homestead. The kidnappers later dropped her along Seke road tied to a tree

The whistle-blower was contacted by eye witnesses while he was testifying that four men had kidnapped his wife from her vending stall.

He was forced to temporarily stop testifying and make a follow up on the developing tip-off. After hours of unfruitful investigations, it is believed that one of the kidnappers used the wife’s mobile phone and contacted the whistle-blower threatening that he should stop testifying in the on-going Zesa corruption investigations.

Investigations have shown that between the period between 2012-2016, the whistle-blower unearthed a conspiracy in the Zesa scandal which had robbed the country of more than $90 million dollars and that money has since been recovered to date because of the tip off.

There have been reports that the accused Zesa officials who are out on bail are breaking the bail conditions which require them not to interfere with witnesses. It was reported that some are holding meetings with witnesses in a bid to conceal and wipe off tracks of tenders and cases that involve them.

Police investigations are underway as to ascertain the faces behind the kidnappers as the case was reported to the Harare Central Police station.