Attorney General’s office summons suspended ZESA bigwigs

By Bruce Zvandasara

The Attorney General’s office summoned suspended ZESA Holdings executives and grilled them as investigations into the alleged underhand corrupt deals which have haemorrhaged the parastatal intensify.

Highly placed sources within the AG’s Office have reported that there is overwhelming evidence submitted and testimonies by whistle-blowers against the Executives have compelled the Office to invite these executives to hear their side of the story.

Sources said among those taken in for questioning were suspended chief executive officer Joshua Chifamba and his deputies.

Record breaking whistle-blowers responded to the call from the AG’s office to testify and submit reports aiding to the investigations being carried out into the alleged fraudulent, corrupt and underhand dealings which had rocked the parastatal.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has exhorted AG’s Office to descend heavily on corrupt activities which are hindering progress and bleeding the economy.

There were reports of collusion and harassment by the executives hindering investigations to be carried out and therefore, the AG’s office wrote to the Ministry of Energy and Power Development requesting that the Executives under investigation be placed on leave to allow smooth investigations.

ZESA Chief Executive Officer Chifamba, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution (ZETDC) Managing Director Julian Chinembiri and Finance Director Thokozani Dhliwayo were last month arrested in connection with over $35 million worth of alleged underhand dealings involving an Indian company, PME.