Chamisa abuses minor

by Bernard Mutambudzi

Women activists yesterday slammed MDC President, Nelson Chamisa for abusing a minor who recites a poem at his rallies.

Addressing a paltry crowd at Rudhaka stadium in Marondera last Saturday, Chamisa praised the little girl whom he continues to parade at his rallies.

"The little girl knows that l am the Joshua who is going to lead you to Canaan, and who are not to believe, when this little can eloquently say that," Chamisa said.

The crowd was left amused by such kind of utterances.

His sentiments were received with mixed feelings as he is using the minor not to respect the status quo that President Mnangagwa is the elected leader of this country.

"It shows that he has no regard for to the rights of children, parading them and make them recite poems that denigrate the leadership of elected President," said Mrs Thelma Takura from Marondera.

She said it's a taboo to denigrate elders and what Chamisa is doing is uncalled for.

"This is sickening; the deepest level of disgust that l can't describe. If as parents we can find ourselves supporting such actions time and again and still ululate and clap hands while Chamisa abuses our minors, we must look at ourselves in the mirror and think again," said Ms Prisca Matambanadzo from Murehwa.

Mrs Petronella Makaka from Macheke ridiculed Chamisa saying as parents he should have a sense of respect for minors.

She said Chamisa who is a lawyer, should know that he is infringing on the rights of children.

The little girl is being moved from one rally to another reciting a poem denigrating the leadership including at the MDC’s 19th celebration held at Gwanzura Stadium recently.

"It's completely a heresy to equate Chamisa to the Biblical Joshuamore so coming from a person who says he is a pastor, l wonder," said Mrs Dorothy Maoneke from Marondera Central.