Zim has enough grain reserves for the next two years

By Christopher Makaza

Zimbabwe is prepared to face the predicted drought with enough grain to feed the people for the next two years.

Speaking during a question and answer session in parliament today Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Honourable Lovemore Matuke said distribution of the grain will also be extended to the urban dwellers.

“The grain reserves we currently have in Zimbabwe are able to feed the nation for the next two years. We will not import maize as we have become food secure. Unlike previous years where only rural people benefited, this time those in urban areas will also receive an allocation.

“The grain is meant for everyone to benefit regardless of political affiliation and committees which include councillors will be set up to monitor identification of beneficiaries and the distribution of the grain. We urge the public to report immediately any corrupt activities regarding the distribution process to our ministry,” he said.  

This year farmers delivered nearly 1,2 million tonnes to the Grain Marketing Board for the 2018 marketing season with the majority coming from the Command Agriculture Programme. This means that the country is food self-sufficient and will not import grain regardless of any rains quantity eventuality.