Chamisa hallucinating

By Shongedzai Mugwagwa

On the wake of an alleged abduction ploy against opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, the MDC leader has pulled another rumbling shocker in one of the interviews he held with one of the dailies alleging that his family was involved in a high-speed chase by unknown trailers.

Chamisa's claim of an abduction attempt on his person by alleged state agents last Saturday and now involving his family has confirmed political analysts’ submissions that the embattled leader has pulled a  diversionary tactic to shift from the mounting pressure in his own backyard where his position is being challenged on the much awaited elective congress.

Shockingly, Chamisa made an allegation that there are people who engaged his family in a high speed chase on Friday last week but there was no substantiation of the allegation and there was no police report made to that effect.

On social media, especially Twitter, Chamisa was attacked for seeing ghosts and spooks everywhere when there is none of that nature. He is equated to a tormented hallucinating teenager afraid of sleeping alone in their rooms.

Some are commenting that Chamisa should know that in every high way or road in Zimbabwe, there is bound to be a vehicle going in the same direction with anyone and therefore should not harass innocent motorists on unfounded suspicion.

Just as the Government dismissed the claims as false and mischievous, the reality is that Chamisa is trying, by portraying himself as an alleged victim of state targeting, to evade the burning leadership issue in his party.

The greatest threat to Chamisa is political and within his own party in the form of his lieutenants who are angling themselves for the party's leadership at the party's Congress next year.

So intense is the pressure on Chamisa that he has caused the postponement of the party Congress from March next year to around October to December in the same year. While trying to buy time, Chamisa has also launched an assault on his challengers whom he accuses of working with Zanu-PF to topple him from the presidency.