Traffic safety augmentation paramount: Gvt

By Zivanai Dhewa

People from all walks of life have welcomed the announcement by Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Joel Biggie Matiza to enforce proper road regulations in order to avert the recurring road carnage that has engulfed the country’s roads.

 Speaking at a Cabinet press briefing yesterday, Minister Matiza said “new radical measures to be introduced to enforce proper road use as most traffic accidents are due to failure to follow road and safety rules.”

Zeyi Muhli posted on his twitter handle @muhlizeyi applauding the Government for the stance it is adopting to address the plight of accidents on the country’s roads.

“Very good, we now have a starting point and thank you for acknowledging that its many factors, the Minister should address all the factors and not one.”

@Nuhlizeyi also added saying, “Human error is the most contributing factor caused by corruption by some issuing officers at the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) that issue licences to incompetent drivers.”

Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvanga, addressed the issue of corruption when she announced the computerisation of the transport management system.

“Government has approved the implementation of the computerisation of transport management systems,” said Minister Mujati.

This system will ensure that corruption is eradicated since there will be no contact between the examiner and the examinee.

Minister  Matiza concluded on the action to take to mitigate this rising scourge by saying, “As government, we are going to meet as the Disaster Management Committee led by Minister of Local Government as an Inter-Ministerial Committee and all stakeholders involved to see that we deal with this issue in terms of among other things enforcement, education and technology.These are the things we are going to start to apply and we are taking it serious as you have seen the numbers of deaths that are coming out of our roads is increasing every day due to negligence by drivers and not abiding by the law and laxity of enforcement.”