Brown water oozes from Harare taps

By Derick Tsimba

Harare City Council (HCC) woke up early this morning running unclean water to the puzzlement of Harare residents. This follows the council’s recent notice of a routine maintenance at Morton Jeffrey to ensure residence get clean water.

Asked for comments by the Harare Post early this morning on the state of water being pumped to residents, HCC Corporate Communications Manager, Mr Mike Chideme said he was yet to clarify the reason behind the state of the water.

“I am not aware that the water pumped to residents this morning was unclean. I did not open the tap, I will have a proper response when I have enquired about the situation,” said Mr Chideme.

Residents in Belvedere, Milton Park, Westgate, Ashdown Park, Bluffhill, Mabelreign and other areas in Harare have raised concern over the quality of water coming out of their tapes.

“Today I woke up to see coffee coloured water running out of my tap. Although the water was clear yesterday, today it was undrinkable today even if one would attempt to boil it,” said one resident from Milton Park.

Most residents continue to raise concerns over the state of water supplied by HCC. They claim that it changes colour to brown when you boil it.

“When boiled water becomes frothy and clouded with green material, it’s a health challenge on our part, we need to be supplied with clean water,” said a resident from Harare City centre.

By the time Harare Post reached Chideme during midday today, he said that HCC was not facing any water provision challenges at all.

“I suspect it was just the first water in the morning that was unclean, by now it should be clear. We are not facing any challenges with water treatment and we have enough water treatment chemicals,” he said.