Chamisa’s speech dismissed

By Gift Mashoko

Speaking at a breakfast prayer meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Christian Council yesterday, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa presented a speech that has received a lot of criticism, where he openly admitted that he was the source of the agonies of Zimbabweans.

Power hungry Chamisa said that he was prepared and ready to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa any time to solve issues, but his utterances do not prove that. During the meeting, he openly emphasised that he does not recognise President Mnangagwa as the President of Zimbabwe but of ZANU PF.

“If there's a room even at this hotel I'm ready to meet President Mnangagwa. I say President not because our dispute is resolved, but he is President of his party and I'm President of mine,” he said.

Political analyst, Jones Musara responded on his twitter handle saying, “More V11s that Chamisa is craving to be appointed Prime Minister by President Mnangagwa. All he wants from the dialogue is the post of Prime Minister!”

One netizen, Innocent Netanyahu also responded saying, “A dialogue that makes the legitimacy issues an agenda will be useless. ConCourt settled that. The agenda items are eradicating poverty, strictly issues to do with bread and butter, removal of sanctions and dealing with corruption.”

Chamisa went on to say that as leaders they were the reasons of all the problems going on in the country.

“There can never be a confession without revelation, and there can never be revelation without humility, so I must confess that as politicians we are the source of the agonies of our land,” he said.

Some political analysts responded that the MDC-Alliance and its affiliates were to blame for the violent protests. Many are also saying that there seemed to be a hidden political agenda with organisers were hiding behind fuel hikes and genuine labour issues which were being pursued by civil servants.

Speaking to Harare Post, Political Analyst Munyaradzi Chirasha lambasted Chamisa for lying before the Men of God that MDC House of Assembly Members are being persecuted on political grounds yet they are the ones who spearheaded the 14 to 16 January 2019 violence.

“Chamisa was speaking before men of God and we were not expecting him to lie. However, he just had to. Yes they are his MPs but they are being arrested because of criminal reasons not for political reasons as he purports.

“He previously refuted that MDC had any part in the recent shut down, looting and destruction of building. However, some of his MPs and MDC members have been arrested because they took part in crimes during the time. The dispute is on electoral results that were, however, endorsed by other opposition political parties, SADC and the African Union (AU),” he said.

MDC T spokesperson, Linda Masarira tweeted saying that MDC Alliance had no proof to show that they had won the Presidential elections and that they were still in denial of their loss.