First Lady attends Commission on the Status of Women

By Zivanai Dhewa

First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa is in New York attending the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).


Contrary to claims that the First Lady was on a shopping spree in New York, the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services has rubbished the claims as a smear campaign to tarnish the First Lady.

Posting on its Twitter handle, the Ministry revealed that, “The First Lady was invited to be part of the delegation in her capacity as a Philanthropist running a local foundation, Angel of Hope which deals directly with issues being discussed at the CSW.”

The Ministry added, “Due to her Angel of Hope Foundation that has championed various women empowerment causes including inheritance issues, the First Lady has been invited to address a side event on Provision of Safety Nets on 15 March 2019.”

The First Lady is aware that the health sector faces a number of challenges and has already committed to solving some of the challenges. Dilapidated infrastructure and shortage of medical supplies in hospitals are some of the challenges she has identified as requiring urgent intervention. 

The Angel of Hope foundation is on record campaigning for public hospitals to be fully furnished and equipped to assist the less privileged.  The First Lady has visited the country’s public hospitals to witness the conditions at the hospitals and has continued to ask for donations to assist the doctors to carry out their duties in an enabling environment to preserve life.

Through her Angel of Hope Foundation, she has helped families and individuals with financial assistance that can be used for utilities, tuition, food and clothing and also with the provision of professional services, including medical care, counselling and more.

Recently the Health Professionals came out asking for assistance to carry out their duties safely and to save lives. The government responded swiftly by releasing US$1million to be used by the end user to procure the things they need to carry out their duties and to save lives.