ZETDC dismisses tariff increase rumour

By Derick Tsimba

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has dismissed reports on tariff increases following messages circulating on social media today that ZETDC was going to increase electricity tariffs by 150%.

In a public notice issued today by ZETDC public relations department, the company advised that it had no plans to increase electricity tariffs.

“ZETDC would like to advise its valued customers that it is not increasing electricity tariffs by 150% starting Friday, 15th March 2019 as being reported on social media. ZETDC would like to express its concern over the malicious social media messages that are urging consumers to buy electricity in bulk in order to beat a purported 150% increase in the price of power,” said ZETDC.

Consumers have been urged to discard the misinforming message and desist from tendencies of panic buying.

“The power utility urges consumers to disregard the misleading social media messages that are creating unnecessary panic buying and inconvenience to consumers. Tariff increase is a process that is done through a thorough consultative process in consultation with consumers, the regulator and shareholder, among other key stakeholders,” said ZEDTC.

Concerns continue to be raised over the abuse of social media by certain individuals. Social media is a platform that should be used to forward developmental issues and not those which are detrimental. The country is yet to recover from the 14 January 2019 violent demonstrations that were triggered by social media abuse.