MDC Youth leader lambasted for inciting violence

Tendai Matunhu

Citizens have come out castigating MDC youth assembly following a press conference video that went viral on social media where they claimed that they would eliminate President Emmerson Mnangagwa out of power.

Speaking at a media briefing, MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson, Obey Sithole said the economy would mobilise people to be in the streets and June will be a month of radicalisation. His sentiments come after similar calls by his leader, Nelson Chamisa who said that after their party’s congress, the opposition party would take it to the streets.

Responding to the video on twitter, citizens highlighted that the youths needed guidance as they were abusing the democratic space Zimbabwe has and that they should desist from violence.

Emanuel Johns tweeted on his handle saying, “Vafana mafarisa, ndokuguta democracy uku. What you are talking about is far distant from the constitutional rights of every citizen. That same constitution is proving you wrong. President Mnangagwa was democratically elected into office in 2018. Ed Pfee!” he said.

Moses Kweche posted saying, “These young ones need guidance. Their wild emotions need regulation. We implore the MDC family to desist from fermenting violence and stoking the fires of futile demonstrations,” he said.

Mluleki Maphosa and Anold Tinoda Mupfawi responded to the video saying that these MDC youths were not at all different from their leader, Chamisa who was always calling for demonstrations.

‏Maphosa posted saying, “That's vile politics of the past. They are operating on the assumption that they will always be opposition. What happens when they win and the same people they taught to up-rise do the same to them? Win hearts, people will vote for you not this nonsense of toyi toying when things do not go your way.”

Mupfawi responded saying, “Yet there is a funeral chamba chawurikubhema wakabva nacho kuGhana kani. No more ubuntu/ hunhu in the party. All these meetings should stop at once. You can do this after funeral.”

This press conference was called for at a time when the MDC party and country is mourning the late Glenview South legislator, Vimbai Tsvangirai.