Zanu PF Chairman kidnapped

by Rudo Saungweme

In Mashonaland East Province, Zanu PF Matiti West District Chairman, Innocent Masvinura was kidnapped by four suspected MDC T youths at his homestead in Musana Village, Matiti ward 8, Seke.

Chasvinura was picked up upon entering his house and they shoved him into their vehicle, a black Mazda 6 which sped off towards Mbudzi roundabout. He was then stripped and assaulted.

The Chairman sustained internal body injuries and a swollen face. His mobile phone and the money were taken away. Chasvinura was then ordered to stay out of politics and leave the country within two days.

Chronicling his ordeal, Chasvinura said, “We are now afraid to conduct our rallies for the fear of these unruly opposition party members. The police must arrest these culprits before it gets out of hand.”

Chasvinura said that the assailants dumped him near Robert Mugabe International Airport in the middle of the night on 13 June 2018. He then went to Seke Police Station.

Police investigations are under way. However, the incident was against the spirit of free and fair elections as always preached by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Political analysts said that the 2018 election race gets hotter; MDC T was now resorting to all sorts of dirty politics against members of other political parties.