Rally behind President Mnangagwa: VP Chiwenga

by Gift Mashoko

Zimbabweans have been urged to rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa and all ZANU PF candidates during the coming plebiscite as it is the only party capable of transforming the nation into a better and enjoyable place to be.

Addressing thousands of Party supporters at the recently held ZANU PF Mabvuku-Tafara rally to drum support for the ruling party candidates ahead of the 30 July do-or die elections, VPChiwenga urged attendees vote for ZANU PF presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and those vying for Senatorial, National Assembly and local authourity positions.

“Let’s rally behind President Mnangagwa and all ZANU PF candidates vying for other positions to be contested next month,” he said.

Cde Chiwenga said that people should shun corruption at all levels and unite for the country to move forward.

“Unite to build our nation and this is only possible through shunning corruption at all levels. Corruption does not only happen in Government, but at different levels of society,” he said.

He added that some suburbs like Mabvuku-Tafara were not being developed by the MDC-led councils, depriving residents of the services they have a right to, like roads, , water supplies and sewer reticulation and due to these failures the Government is now intervening.

“These are the things that the MDC-led local authorities have failed to address with their Members of Parliament over the years. This is why we took it upon ourselves as ZANU-PF to rehabilitate all the roads that you have seen being worked on. It is not the local authority, but ZANU-PF Government through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development.” he said.