MDC youths attack former ZBC reporter

By Tendai Matunhu

Violent MDC yobs attacked former ZBC reporter, Musorowegomo Mukosi, Zimbabwe Prison Services officer Jefter Tambare and two other people.

The MDC youths also operate as the parking marshals at near the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (MRTH), which houses their party headquarters.

 On Wednesday, Mukosi who was in the company of his nephew Darlington Nashanu, parked near the MRTH. Mukosi proceeded to a nearby barbershop shop, leaving his nephew in the car. After about 10 minutes, Nashanu called Mukosi informing that he was being assaulted by the MDC youths for failing to pay for parking fees which had pegged at RTGS$15. Harare city Council’s City Park charges 5RTGS per hour.

When Mukosi approached the vehicle, a heated argument erupted resulting in the youths assaulting him. He then retrieved a pistol and fired two warning shots, resulting in them fleeing.

The MDC youths mobilised other youths and came back in their numbers. However, the rowdy youths mistook two passer-byes for Mukosi and Nashanu. They assaulted the two.

Officer Tambare who was passing by tried to stop the youths from beating the two people but he was also assaulted. The youths ended up beating up almost everyone who was passing by the MRTH.

Police was called to quell the noise.

MDC youths who operate as the vanguard, are notorious for harassing people who pass through MRTH. The same are used in demonstrations to perpetrate violence. MDC-T recently asked police to evict the marshals from MRTH.

One of the MDC youths was shot dead last year in October 2018. This was after almost the same issue rose over a parking bay.

There has been a series of incidences where people have been harassed whenever they pass by the building. It is now a no go area as the marshals sometimes demand toll gate fees from pedestrians in a bid to fundraise for the party.