Chamisa at it again

By Christopher Makaza

Late Nelson Mandela`s wife Graca Machel, recently humiliated MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, when she denied the latter entrance into her car after he wanted to force himself into it.

Graca was part of a delegation called “Elders” which used to be headed by the late Kofi Anan.

The group was in the country on a mission to try to get Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa to a negotiating table to improve the country`s economic situation.

Machel had offered Chamisa to drive around with him to which he mistook the offer thinking Graca wanted him into her car. She had to stop and tell him to use his own car for integrity purposes.

Chamisa has always been accused by his followers for being childish as he always misfires and make careless utterances during his public addresses. Prior to 2018 harmonised election Chamisa made sensational claims while addressing supporters at a rally in the UK when he declared that he would give away his 18 year old sister to (President) Mnangagwa if he wins in the elections.

His remarks during most of his public addresses stimulate mixed reactions as people condemn his use of language.

Recently at a rally in Glenview prior to Glenview by-elections, Chamisa surprised people when he said he could use a gun if given the chance.

“The fact that we are not carrying guns does not mean we cannot. It is just a choice that we do not. Tsvangirai taught us to be peaceful. If I am given a gun, I can use it. I may be overpowered in the process but I can use it. We can use guns, but we just don`t want to cause unnecessary bloodshed,” Chamisa said to cheers from party followers.

Chamisa has always been a drama queen and always enjoys attracting attention for the sake of it.