Chamisa’s Camp targets Mwonzora

By Takunda Chimwaka

The MDC fronted camp targets to frustrate former MDC secretary general Douglas Mwonzora amid allegations that he publicly insulted Chamisa during the Supreme Court Ruling this Thursday.

Party insiders told The Harare Post that, MDC Harare Provincial Youth Assembly members fumed after Mwonzora allegedly castigated Chamisa’s leadership calling him ‘silly’.

“The Youth Assembly members charged that Mwonzora remarks would not go unchallenged and he should apologise publicly.

“They also claimed that the MDC would not watch ‘powerlessly’ as a man of Mwonzora statue breaches the party Constitution by insulting the person of the President,” revealed the source.

According to the insider, the MDC Youth Assembly expressed that the party would not be held in ransom by ‘a young Mwonzora.’

“They reacted that, firstly he once took the party to court knowing very well that it was a breach of the Constitution, now he is insulting the President, by this he has expelled himself from the party,” informed the source.

Factionalism has been rocking MDC prior to the party’s 5th Anniversary Congress held in May 2019. Mwonzora has always been criticised by the dormant Chamisa Camp for expressing interest in contesting the Presidential post at the said Congress against Chamisa.