CSC renovations underway

By Rudo Saungweme

Renovations of Cold Storage Company (CSC) by a British Company Bousted Beef are underway in Bulawayo. The renovations are expected to be finished by the first week of January 2020, The Harare Post can report.

An employee who works for CSC said, “CSC engineers have completed verifying the scope of works involved in reviving the main CSC Bulawayo plant. As employees we are now going on paid leave during the renovations of the plant. A UK based company called Bousted Beef is the one that is partnering with CSC.

“To guarantee consistent power supplies for its operations, CSC has entered into a strategic partnership with Distributed Power Africa (DFA) for the installation of solar power systems at its abattoirs and ranch’s around the country,” said the employee.

DPA is an energy-focused subsidiary of telecommunications giant, Econet Wireless. DPA through its partnership with CSC is working on a three Megawatt solar power plant which is to be installed at the CSC Bulawayo plant. The work is expected to commence before the end of October 2019.

DPA will also construct solar powered boreholes to irrigate its pastures as well as provide adequate watering points.

“DPA has so far installed a pilot project of a solar-powered borehole at its Winter Block ranch in Umguza District.

“CSC is also planning to import an additional borehole drilling equipment,” revealed the employee.

Meanwhile, the rehabilitation of dip tanks at CSC ranches would commence before the end of October 2019.

The employee giving his analytical view said that the deal would go a long way towards reviving the country`s beef industry. He added that Bousted Beef Company has a ready market in UK so it means that more foreign currency will be generated by exporting the beef to UK.