Quality of Zim goods unmatched: Regional Buyers

By Charles Motsi

The quality of Zimbabwean goods has been described as still superior and unmatched in the region and is even worth to compete on the international market.

These were sentiments coming from Buyers and Importers from the SADC region who were taking part in the ZimTrade Buyers Seminar held in Bulawayo today.

Abuda Atelela who was representing J Haskins & Sons from Botswana, lamented the ever changing prices of Zimbabwean goods and lack of consistency from suppliers.

However, he was also quick to note the incomparable quality of locally produced goods such as Zimbabwean timber and said that “the market is there for Zimbabwean goods in Botswana and its upto Zimbabwean companies to meet that demand.”

“Zimbabwe needs to resurrect itself and reclaim its giant status in the region because when it comes to quality, it is here in Zimbabwe it is now upto you exporters to deliver,” said Atelela.

Buyers highlighted the lack of robust manufacturing sectors in some SADC countries due to historical, political and at times climatic reasons and they implored Zimbabwean exporters to take advantage of these gaps and flood these markets with local goods that are obviously on demand.

Noel Nyatsine, a representative of Vek Investments, a Namibian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, pointed out that, “Namibian does not have a robust manufacturing sector and that is a point of entry for Zimbabwean suppliers and also Namibian has many cows but because it is a desert country, there is shortage of cattle feed something as simple as Hay can be supplied to the Namibian market.”

Layons Zambia representative, Sydney Da'Silva Malunga expressed his company’s commitment to continue dealing with Zimbabwean exporters because their goods are easy to market in Zambia due to their unparalleled quality.

“My company is ready to handle Zimbabwean goods and distribute them in Zambia, the Zambian market is mainly a consumer market so there is enough space for quality Zimbabwean goods to flourish,” said Da’Silva.

The seminar was organised as an extension to the 2019 Exporters Conference to afford exporters the opportunity to interface with some of their regional clientele.