ZANU PF Conference focused on economic growth

By Linda Joko

ZANU PF Conference roared into life on Thursday with the packed business exhibition park clearly echoing President Mnangagwa’s call for business stakeholders to take centre stage towards reviving the economy.

Exhibitors at the Conference venue expressed delight and appreciation at this opportunity to showcase their products ahead of the conference set to be officially opened today.

“The President highlighted that the main focus of this conference was for the ruling party to deliberate on economic issues and map a way forward, and having been granted the opportunity to exhibit is the starting point,” said a Cottco exhibitor.

Organisers at the conference said that the party was fully aware of what was at stake as a country hence the move to prioritize and promote businesses at any granted opportunity.

“As ZANU PF, we are working towards modernising and mechanising farming operations through Smart Agriculture, and delegates here present are receiving free agro training programs and knowledge on agro issues by leading companies exhibiting here,” said Mashonaland East Provincial Chairman.

“The tourism sector is also exhibiting where delegates are also receiving knowledge about local tourist destinations and products in the industry. To that effect, delegates from different areas were exposed to the knowledge on home grown tourism products.

Still rallying on the need for the country to remain business focused, President, Emmerson Mnangagwa emphasized the Conference’s call for economy to be the prime theme at the Conference, while addressing the 112th Ordinary Session of the ZANU PF Central Committee.

“We must strengthen our resolve to correct the past wrong decisions we made with regards to our economy. Populist policies and initiatives for short-term benefits have dire long-term complications.

“Let us permanently put our country back on the rails towards recovery, growth and attainment of Vision 2030. All our people should be mobilised to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from all government programmes. Let the engagements with our membership be about economics and productivity across all sectors, that way we will achieve sustainable economic development,” he said.

The business community (private and public) also hailed the ruling party’s stance to prioritize people’s livelihoods ahead of politicking. Small to medium enterprises were also exhibiting their wares, as government ups its initiatives to empower youths and women.