Carry your own cross,  Zimbos tell Hwende

by Favour Matenga

MDC secretary general, Charlton Hwende invited the wrath of many Zimbabweans on Twitter when he posted on the microblogging site yesterday to complain that the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) refused to represent him in his pending treason trial case.

“We have now started the process of preparing for my upcoming Treason Trial. Mr Harrison Nkomo will be leading my defence and thanks to him for agreeing to represent me after ZLHR refused to take up my matter. The reasons which are political will be revealed after the trial,” he tweeted anticipating sympathy and condemnation of the Western-funded ZLHR.

Zimbabweans on Twitter, however, told the MDC top official, who is also a businessman with interests in Zimbabwe and Namibia, some hard truths about himself.

“Anyone would not want to represent you. Besides, why do you want ZLHR lawyers to represent you as if you can't afford a lawyer? You are a big dealer in forex, Mhofu, pay your own lawyers!,” tweeted one Nevanji Nehoreka.

Some people such as Christopher Musodza reminded Hwende of the fact that the opposition party teems with lawyers and how some of them stampede to represent some former ZANU PF members.

“But, sir you have so many high profile lawyers in MDC. Surely one of them can represent you. After all MDC lawyers have represented ZANU Pf leaders in the past,” said Musonza.

Others Twitter users pointed out to Hwende that instead of seeking free legal representation, he should know that ZLHR deals with human rights issues and not matters arising out of politics such as treason.

“Treason is political and - yes - the reasons (for ZHLR snub) are always political.  What are you trying to say, Hwende?  It's a straight forward case that's why they refused. They don't want to be humiliated and lose their credibility,” weighed in one Daniel Moses Mutendi.

People such as Tapiwa Duro told Hwende that he deserved his predicament.

“Maybe they (ZLHR) know that your case is not of  human rights but that of treasonous behaviour hence ZLHR’s refusal to be soiled by your case. Next watch what comes out of your mouths,” tweeted Duro.

Other twitter users who are fed up with the opposition party and its anti-people antics rubbed salt into Hwende’s wound.

“Apa urikunyura mudhara (You’re going down, dude)!” said one Bvudzijena.

“It’s my wish (that) you guys get locked up in Chikurubi (Maximum Prison). We need to miss you and Nero (MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa) on Twitter and start from there,” said an evidently disaffected MDC sympathiser, Delight Mabiza.

Hwende, who was arrested in March last year on charges of treason, is set to appear in court on 28 February for trial.