MCAZ shuts down Banket pharmacy

By Favour Matenga

The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has closed an unlicensed pharmacy in Banket for operating without registration. This was disclosed by the authority yesterday in one of its regular enforcement updates on the social media.

“MCAZ officers shut down a facility trading as GuestChem Pharmacy (that is) located in Banket, which was found operating without licenses for the premises and persons,” said the authority in a post on its Facebook page.

MCAZ also discovered at the pharmacy some unregistered medical drugs and others which are expected to be distributed in the public health sector raising questions of how they ended up in a private pharmaceutical distribution facility.

“More than 50 lines of unregistered medicines and some medicines meant to be distributed in the public health sector were found at the premises,” the authority revealed.

In view of the dangers associated with using medicines dispensed by unregistered professionals and facilities, MCAZ urged the public to report similar cases to the authority.

“Members of the public are encouraged to continue reporting such cases to MCAZ and to verify that they are getting approved medicines from licensed premises & persons,” MCAZ said in the post.