PTUZ in financial crisis

By Rudo Saungweme  

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) is said to be in financial crisis at a time its own leaders are living flamboyant lives.

The Harare Post has it on good ground that PTUZ is failing to pay salaries to about 60 of its workers across the country and has a backlog of three month salaries since November 2019.

PTUZ Administration officer Abigal Mhokopa has tried to blame the non-payment of salaries on the hyperinflationary environment and over expenditure during PTUZ Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Harare early this year, a Source has revealed.

Though assured of salary payments before the end of this month (February), financial flows from membership subscriptions are being mismanaged and workers are no longer attending to work due incapacitation, the Harare Post can report.

The PTUZ leader Raymond Majongwe who is holding on to the same position for the last 22 years is being criticised by teachers for buying himself flamboyant cars using the teachers` subscriptions. Majongwe also holds meetings with his counterparts in lavish hotels at the expense of the teachers` hard-earned money.

It is alleged that Majongwe is a partner in crime with his incumbent leader Takavafira Zhou who was also re-elected at the teachers` union national congress that was held in Harare last month.