Citizens in lockdown final preps

by Christopher_Makaza_

Zimbabweans country wide today make their final preparations including buying basic items in preparation for the national lockdown which starts at 00:02 hours tomorrow.

In an interview with the Harare Post this morning, various people at Mbare musika who were shopping vegetables including tomatoes, cabbages and potatoes for use during the 21-day lockdown said the lockdown was the only way to go and that they were busy making final preparations for the lockdown.

"We welcome the move by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to order a lockdown which is a necessary action to ensure that the nation contains wider community spread and transmission of the coronavirus. We are 100 percent behind our President, that's why we are preparing for the lockdown, its for the good of us all," said Mbuya Chioneso Choga from Kuwadza.

Mr Tendai Rinomhota, a vegetable vendor from Mbare musika said, "Although the lockdown is certainly going to affect our business, it is a necessary measure to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Life is more important than money and we are optimistic that the coronavirus will soon disappear."

Most people appreciated the lockdown saying prevention was better than cure. Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa also commended the lockdown highlighting that it was a necessary step in contacting the COVID-19 outbreak.

South Africa is already in the middle of a 21-day lockdown and many other countries have adopted similar measures. China imposed a lockdown in Wuhan, a city of 10 million people where the Coronavirus outbreak started and it successfully stopped the spread of the virus.

During the lockdown, essential service providers who include electricity distribution, water supply, fuel and LP gas as well as manufacturers of health related products, agricultural and food supply related operations shall remain functional.

Government is also prioritising Social welfare interventions to cater for vulnerable groups and targeted households. According to the taskforce set by President Mnangagwa to oversee the lockdown programme, distribution of food aid will continue. Distribution points will be increased in order to minimise large gatherings. Currently grain and monetary payments are being made to 760 000 households throughout the country.