US castigated for hypocrisy

By Grace Chekai

The United States has come under fire for attempting to remove a speck in other countries’ eyes when it has a log in its own eyes.

The onslaught came after the US unleashed federal officers on demonstrators who are protesting against police brutality on African Americans citizens. The protests were sparked by the pitiless murder of George Floyd by a white police officer.

Citizens say the US has been making the loudest noise when countries like Zimbabwe outlawed demonstrations and arrest instigators of unlawful demos.

One citizen, Tadiwa Mushonga from Harare said the US police had been torturing and killing citizens since May 25 following the death of Floyd. He said no country had so far intervened over their brutal attack on their own citizens. Surprising, he said, the US was always supporting the illegal demonstrations in Zimbabwe.

“The United States of America police are torturing and abusing the rights of citizens to demonstrate over the unfair killing of George Floyd since May 25.Why do the US expect Zimbabwe law enforcers to be lenient.

“The July 31st protests should not be tolerated. The US is just biased towards the opposition parties in Zimbabwe. Their agenda is known the world over, that is to topple the ruling Government,” he said.

Another citizen from Mutare said: “The US just wants to propel its regime change agenda in Zimbabwe. The MDC-Alliance and its allies in the civil society are being sponsored to effect regime change. Their hypocrisy is not surprising.”

A political science lecturer from the University of Zimbabwe said Government should not be detracted from constitutional mandate of maintaining peace and stability in the country. .

“Our Government should not listen to these Western countries; they should just carry on with their constitutional mandate of protecting Zimbabwe. We do not need mayhem in this country. We know their agenda,” he said.

Peter Shonhiwa urged people to go about their normal business and shy away from these illegal protests which are meant to further the interests of the opposition parties and their foreign sponsors.

“People of Zimbabwe must feel free to go about their normal business today, pay attention to set regulations and rules particularly from the authorities.

“Stay safe from trouble, stay safe from Covid-19, life matters most. The idea is to protect the majority from being abused by the minority. Authorities are urged to protect the majority from the thugs. In the absence of the law and law enforcement agencies, our nation will surely be turned into a jungle.”

He added: “As concerned Citizens and Peace Lovers, we urge the Police not to hesitate to defend the national interests, do not shy away and do not be intimidated by hooligans and activists.”

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has released a list of the people who were paid by #Tajamuka/Sesijikile movement to participate in the botched protest.