Zanu PF to issue Electronic Party Cards to new members

by Christopher Makaza

The ruling Zanu PF party is going to come up with new electronic party cards for new members, with security features in line with technological advancement.

This was resolved during yesterday`s Politburo meeting after reports that there were a lot of people wanting to join and re-join the ruling party from various locations, internally and externally.

In 2017, the ruling party also issued electronic cards to its members and supporters, which had a number of features among them being linked to the holder’s bank account to allow automated subscriptions ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections.

Giving a commissariat report during the Politburo meeting, Zanu PF Political Commissar, Cde Victor Matemadanda also highlighted that the party was gearing for restructuring in provinces that had no structures, in particular, Harare and Bulawayo, indicating, however that the exercise would be guided by the existing lockdown directive by Government.

Relatedly, on the issue of Provincial elections in Harare and Bulawayo, the President recommended that interim committees to run the provinces be instituted comprising the top three cadres from each District Coordinating Committee (DCC) in that particular province. The three members per DCC will be joined by War Veterans` representative, Youth League and Women`s League representatives.

On the issue of corruption crack-down, Cde Matemadanda highlighted that the party grassroots were very enthusiastic and pleased with the determination in which the President and Government were intensifying the fight against corruption in central Government and local authorities, citing land barons.

On that note the Politburo resolved that land barons be dealt with in accordance with the law of the land, without fear or favour as land belongs to the state and no individual had a right to sell and parcel out state land willy-nilly.