Church urged to complement Government

by Grace Chekai

The church has been urged to complement Government in its efforts to attain Vision 2030 where, a commitment Government set for itself to transform Zimbabwe into an upper middle income economy.

The call was made by Zimbabwe Christian Church (ZCC) leader Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi in Masvingo at a meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Indigenous Inter-denominations Council of Churches (ZIICC).

Bishop Mutendi is also the patron of ZIIC.

Bishop Mutendi said indigenous churches must ensure that their church members took advantage of agricultural projects being undertaken by ZIICC to complement Government in its efforts to attain Vision 2030.

“ZIICC is on a mission to complement Government’s efforts towards boosting food security,” said Bishop Mutendi.

He went further to encourage the members of the church to participate in Pfumvudza programme.

The ZIICC patron challenged members to incorporate women and youth in agro business so as to emancipate them from the prevailing economic hardships due to illegal sanctions and unemployment.

In the same meeting, Bishop Andrew Wutawunashe, the founder of the Worldwide Family of God church who is also the National Chairperson of ZIICC said the later undertook to help spruce up Government's empowerment and development thrust towards attaining Vision 2030 and denounced opposition parties and Western countries for inciting civil unrest which targets to remove the Government from power.

Bishop Wutawunashe said they would establish districts structures nationwide and participate in SADC anti-sanctions campaign on 25 October.

Some churches have been used as a tool for regime change in Zimbabwe. In August this year, Catholic Bishops wrote a pastoral letter regurgitating regime change narrative that smacks of the one used by the MDC and Western countries. In their letter, the Catholic Bishops encouraged people to demonstrate in order to remove the Government from power.

A political analyst, John Mangwende commented saying, “Churches must have the loudest voice in the call for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe because their church members are the worst victims of the illegal sanctions.”