US Embassy working overtime to rekindle spirits in MDC-A

by Staff reporter

The US Embassy in Harare is tirelessly trying to re-invigorate waning spirits in the MDC-Alliance, which has been besieged by a myriad of challenges that are threatening its existence.

An insider has told this publication that the US embassy is working tirelessly towards re-invigorating MDC-Alliance.  

“The US Embassy is working overtime to unite the fractured MDC-Alliance. A number of US diplomats, among them Ambassador Nichols, is liaising with the top leadership of the various MDC factions and other opposition political parties. Among the leaders engaged are Jacob Ngarivhume, Hopewell Chin’ono (before his arrest), Tendai Biti and Job Sikhala,” said the source.

He added that the embassy was not happy with the MDC-Alliance’s reactions to the arrest of journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, whom they regard as a potential leader of their envisaged united MDC.

“The US Embassy wants the MDC to follow the daring route that Hopewell has taken. The embassy officials believe that Hopewell should be the opposition leader, although they also see Biti as a good alternative. The Americans have very little faith in Job Sikhala and Nelson Chamisa. They believe that Sikhala is not smart enough and that Chamisa is a “clueless coward”. However, they believe that Wiwa’s (Sikhala) noise is very useful,” he said.

The source revealed that the US Mission had been clandestinely dishing out money to, among others Biti, Ngarivhume and Chin’ono. However, the source said most of the money, paid in US dollar notes, had not benefitted the relevant parties.


“There is growing demand from the MDC Alliance youth for the recipients of the money to account for the thousands of dollars that have been donated. Even the US embassy itself is not sure if the money was being used for the intended purpose,” said the source.

Morale in the stressed MDC-Alliance has been at its lowest ebb as successive misfortunes have been layering on it since the March 30 Supreme Court ruling that delegitimised Chamisa’s presidency.

The recalling, expulsion and floor crossing of Members of Parliament and councillors aligned to Chamisa have been the source of splitting headaches for the youthful leader and his party.

Apart from the MDC-Alliance and MDC-T dichotomy, political analysts say factionalism within the former is building, with a large chunk of members and benefactors like the US are losing confidence in Chamisa’s leadership.

“There is grave factionalism within the MDC-Alliance as the West is now gunning for Biti to take over the reigns. Biti himself is inching forward towards the presidency. All these are sources of constant headaches within the MDC-Alliance,” said Felix Kundishora, a political science lecturer.