DCC structures will unify ZANU PF- President

By Derick Tsimba

While opening the ordinary session of the Politburo meeting today, President Mnangagwa said the DCC structures were a system to strengthen party coordination, as well as a useful vehicle to unify and entrench party constitutionalism.

The President said, “I welcome you all to this month’s Ordinary Session of the Politburo, which comes against a backdrop of the preparations and campaigns for the DCC elections. The DCC structures are a system to strengthen Party coordination, as well as a useful vehicle to entrench Party constitutionalism, internal democracy and grass root mobilisation. More importantly, once established, DCCs should coordinate and unify our Party through constant interaction with political Districts as we journey towards Vision 2030.”

President Mnangagwa also said the fight against corruption continues and that ZANU PF will not harbour malcontents.

“The fight against corruption continues unabated. ZANU PF under the Second Republic will never allow the party to be a sanctuary of malcontents. To this end, name dropping to camouflage criminal and corrupt behaviour is unacceptable. Those using such retrogressive and counter-revolutionary tactics must stop forthwith. ‘Varikuita izvi, cherai chikomba mupfire mate’,” he said.

The President also said the revolutionary nature of ZANU PF and the on-going national development agenda demanded that the party engenders a corrupt free Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa also called for the shaming, shunning and expose` of all forms of corruption.