NPF’s ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo facing prosecution over theft of maize

by Bevan Musoko

The National Patriotic Front (NPF) Parliamentary candidate for Kwekwe Central constituency, Masango ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo is facing imminent prosecution for theft of maize that was meant for vulnerable people in his constituency during his tenure as the areas legislator.

Impeccable sources in the Prosecutor General’s Office revealed that Matambanadzo received almost 30 tonnes of maize through the GMB for distribution to vulnerable members of the Kwekwe community sometime in November 2017. Matambanadzo, who is popularly known as Blackman in Kwekwe due to his dark complexion, kept the maize at his home in Chicago suburb.

He allegedly converted 10 tonnes of the maize to his personal use. He is alleged to have also allocated a tonne of the maize to his relatives, who were not supposed to benefit from the Government scheme, thus prejudicing rightful beneficiaries of the programme.

Efforts to contact Matambanadzo on the matter were fruitless.