High praise for national youth service re-launch

by Staff Writer

Government’s decision to re-launch the National Youth Service (NYS) has received enormous support from political analysts and ordinary people alike.

Zanu PF Youth secretary, Tendai Chirau said the re-launch of the NYS was timely due to the slipping indiscipline amongst the youth.

“The return of the national youth service programme is highly commendable and necessary. We need to raise a breed of patriotic and entrepreneurial youth.

“I did my training back in 2004, just after my High School. The training strengthened my resolve,” he said.

Concurringly former MDC legislator, Obert Gutu said, “I salute and celebrate the return of the National Youth Service. Our youths should be taught the values and ethos of patriotism, self-pride, selfless service to one's country and patriotism.”

Adding on in support of the programme, Fungi Mungate said the re-launch of the NYS would go a long way to help whipping youth into line.

“This programme can really solve the issues we have with the youth if done properly. I would love to chat with you and share notes about what I have seen the Nigerians doing with this programme in their country,” he said.

Analyst Terrence Mugariri said those who are insinuating that the NYS programme will be used by ZANU PF to unleash violence to its perceived enemies are misinformed as the programme is another way of empowering the youths with survival skills.

The National Youth Service mandate is to transform and empower the young generation through life skills training and leadership development thus instilling a sense of national identity and responsibility in Zimbabwean youth.

The re-launch of the NYS comes amid alarming moral decadence amongst the youth in the society ranging from drug abuse to indulging in sex before marriage.