ZAPU, MRP fight for supremacy

By Political Reporter

Members of the minority ZAPU and Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) yesterday traded barbs accusing each other of lacking capacity to dislodge the ZANU PF led Government.

The heated arguments ensued in a WhatsApp group called #Byo/Mat/MidOpenForum administered by one Brilliant Mhlanga.

One MRP member, Stewart Ndlovu stock the flames when he said that MRP should focus on destroying ZAPU.

“For MRP to gain more power and likely to get seats in parliament, let’s focus on destroying ZAPU and getting Ndebele people to have confidence in us. We will gain in numbers and when we are in parliament, we will then focus on destroying ZANU PF,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu sentiments did not go down well with Innocent Ndibali who accused MRP of being a political movement without an agenda.

“That is the worst statement I have ever heard this year from you MRP people. Why should you focus on destroying ZAPU? Why don’t you work with us to defend the region? I think your true colours are starting to come out now that you formed MRP to eliminate ZAPU without any agenda,” fumed Ndibali.

Nomathemba Mkandla said ZAPU should not be distracted by a political organization that have no structures.

“ZAPU should not be distracted by this MRP, a party that has no structures. There has been no elective congress since that party was formed. People were just appointed on consensus. ZAPU is much bigger than that,” said Mkandla.

However, Ndlovu shot back and vowed that MRP will contest the coming elections and will do better than ZAPU.

“The people of Matabeleland region have faith in us (MRP) and you will see in the next elections that MRP has more supporters than ZAPU. ZAPU is now a spent force that can no longer command respect within the country,” said Ndlovu.

ZAPU and MRP have always been at loggerheads over the control the Matabeleland region.