National Dress is an expression of our cultural identity-President

By Staff Reporter

The National Dress is an expression of the country’s social and cultural identity and should be preserved and embraced in order to foster a sense of national identity, pride and unity.

This was said today by President Mnangagwa at the National Competition of the National Dress Fabric event held in the capital.

“The National Dress is an expression of our social and cultural identity as a people. Our valuable traditional and cultural heritage must be preserved and developed in order to foster a sense of national identity, pride and unity. It is necessary to reformulate cultural values and valuing processes in order to move with current trends by merging culture and its meaning found in material objects,” said the President.

The President said the National Costume would serve as a source of inspiration to drive modern fashion and trends.

He urged Zimbabweans to embrace the National Dress saying that he wished that everyone should have the national fabric in the wardrobe.

“As Zimbabweans, we should continue to talk about national identity and dress and how to promote and secure the identity for the country’s overall well-being and sovereignty,” added the President.

Earlier today, President Mnangagwa led in the ground breaking ceremony for the Harare Hippodrome and Beethoven Hotel in Harare.

The facilities are being constructed in Braeside and is the brainchild of Ambassador at Large to the Americas, Prophet Hubert Angel and his partners.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, President Mnangagwa said his Government would not shy away from harnessing the diverse and unique strengths, competencies and networks of Zimbabwean nationals to achieve the objectives of the National Development Strategy One and ultimately Vision 2030.

The facility that will be constructed in Braeside, will have a hotel and will also house a 6 300 seater conference centre which will be the largest in the country.

President Mnangagwa commended Ambassador Angel for bringing investment into the country.