Hatfield council clinic ill treating patients

By Staff Reporter

The Harare City Council run Hatfield clinic is ill treating patients telling them to congregate outside the premise without attending to them in time.

An investigation by this publication discovered that Hatfield clinic staff have a tendency of speaking vulgarities to patients.

One patient interviewed by this publication said the clinic staff were very slow to serve patients and if patients complain, they will be responded with obscenities.

“The staff at Hatfield clinic is very rude. They don’t treat patients in time and if we complain they will shout obscenities at us. They tell us to congregate outside the premise because they say we can infect them with COVID 19. It is better to let us inside the premise and help us maintain social distancing than leaving patients outside. Some the patients would be in need of urgent attention,” complained one patient.

Another patient who preferred to be called Miriam complained about one Mr Gumbo at Hatfield clinic whom he said was rude to patients.

“There is Mr Gumbo who is very rude to patients. He told us today that he works according to his earnings. He told us that if we had money, we should go to private hospitals instead of coming to their clinic,” complained the patient.

This publication also noticed ailing patients congregating outside the clinic with nurses calling one patient at an interval of approximately 30 minutes.

When this publication tried to speak to the so called Mr Gumbo, he said he dids not come to work to be pestered by journalists.

Efforts to get a comment from Harare City Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme were fruitless as he was not answering his phone.