President ED commended.

by Christopher Makaza.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's policies coupled with his consistency in delivering promises make him a distinction among other 2018 presidential aspirants.

Cotton Producers and Marketers Association Secretary General, Mr Stewart Mubonderi commended President Mnangagwa for being a hard worker doing justice to both Government and Party activities.

"Our President is such a hard working man. He is also a man of his words, that's why his victory is certain. He is successfully covering Government duties at the same time attending to his party duties.

"If we look at the economic developments he has made so far, no doubt that he has achieved a lot. He has managed to restore Zimbabwe's relations with local and international community and creating a conducive environment for foreign investors. Politically he has for the first time in many years, brought democracy in election playing field as witnessed by the mushrooming of independent and new political parties," he said.

Mr Mubonderi urged the electorate to vote for President Mnangagwa as he has proved to be a capable, mature and principled leader.