Ngarivhume exposes Harare City Council

Staff Reporter

Transform Zimbabwe leader and Government critic, Jacob Ngarivhume yesterday criticised the MDC-Alliance led Harare City Council for failing to attend to leaking sewage in Glenview 3, citing corruption and mismanagement as major causes of poor service delivery.

In a video clip he posted on his Twitter handle, Ngarivhume said the situation was a ticking time bomb considering that vendors operate close to the flowing sewage.

“This is Glenview 3, this afternoon. We have been speaking to local residents, asking for how long the situation has been like this and just across, people are selling food staff. This is what corruption has done for our country. Our country has been killed by corruption. We should normally be able to fix this in a normal situation, but this is the situation we have.

“We need to pay attention to this, people can’t live under these inhuman conditions, we can’t have our mothers, sisters, brothers and sisters living under these conditions. Corruption has killed us and we need to do something about this,” he said.

Ngarivhume said broken down refuse trucks and other service trucks are among challenges being faced by the local authorities, revealing that the 31st July Movement is planning a clean-up campaign to take care of huge garbage which has piled up in a number of places.

Recently the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Mbare turned down the Movement’s request to carry out a clean-up campaign in Mbare today citing that such gatherings will end up being politicised. Ngarivhume however vowed to defy the Police directive saying they will go ahead with their planned schedule.

The MDC-Alliance led Harare City Council has failed to perform a variety of functions, chief among them the provision of public services including refuse collection, water and sanitation, housing, road maintenance and health and education.