Your vote still remains your secret

by Zivanai Dhewa

Efforts by fugitive Professor Jonathan Moyo to perpetuate a fire between the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the MDC Alliance have been rebuffed on social media by citizens who dismissed lies that the secret vote was no longer secret anymore, because the election booths have been redesigned.

Prof Moyo’s intelligence has been put under the spotlight and questioned as netizens queried the logic behind his assertions which are clearly meant to intimidate the voters.

“What you are tweeting about is baseless accusation which is devoid of any credible sense worse coming from a professor,” said Never Maswerasei on his twitter handle.

“How will a voter inside the polling booth be intimidated,” he queried.

People and election observers have applauded the peaceful environment prevailing in the country and have rebuked the MDC Alliance and its cronies like prof Moyo for trying to stir the waters in order to discredit the elections.

“Everything about the election is smooth sailing but it’s you and your MDC Alliance friends who are trying to destabilise it, otherwise everything in pre-election atmosphere is peaceful. Stop spreading such malicious nonsense,” retorted Diesel Seretse.

Another netizen, Triz Tarullez had no kind words for the professor and his destructive tweets. “The minute you step into Zimbabwe, you must be charged with treason for attempting to destabilise national peace, you are very unpatriotic and selfish,” he said. 

Meanwhile the country is only left with 14 days to go for the watershed elections, which Zanu PF is tipped to win resoundingly.  President Mnangagwa continues to call for a peaceful, free and transparent election.