Zinasu turns against Chamisa

Political Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Student’s Union (Zinasu) has greatly lost confidence in the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa whom they have since given a moniker ‘the clueless pastor’.

WhatsApp chats gleaned by this publication in a group called Zinasu National, showed that the students no longer have respect for Chamisa as they were now giving him derogatory names.

“Good night, that Ngadziore (Takudzwa) guy can get his good night from the clueless pastor Nero (Chamisa),” reads a WhatsApp message.

One Zinasu national member interviewed by this publication had no kind words for Chamisa whom he labeled a liar and a divisive character.

“Chamisa is a liar and very divisive. He promised us that he would liaise with the Western Embassies so that we could get some scholarships to go and study abroad, but nothing has materialized. We now hear stories that he is only working with a clique of the students led by Ngadziore while neglecting other students who campaigned and supported his 2018 presidential bid,” fumed the student.

The student added that they had placed their hopes on Chamisa and they wholly supported him in 2018 elections hoping that he would return the favour, but has since forgotten them.

“In 2018, we campaigned for Chamisa while calling ourselves #Generational Consensus. We thought that the aspirations of the young people that have been suffocated by the previous generations would be taken care of by him, but we were wrong. The truth is that Chamisa does not care about students,” added the source.

Investigations conducted by this publication revealed that Zinasu was divided into two factions ,the one supporting Chamisa and the other supporting the Maruva cabal which is opposed to Chamisa. The majority of the students have since aligned themselves with the Maruva cabal as they accuse Chamisa of employing divide and rule tactics when dealing with the students.

This is not the first time that Chamisa has been disowned by the students. In 2011, while he was still the MDC T Organising Secretary, he denied Zinasu’s representatives a chance to give a solidarity speech at that party’s 12th anniversary and the students reacted by stripping him of the honour of being a member of the student’s body’s alumni family.