No Covid19 vaccination, No access to work stations

Staff Reporter

…as public and private organisations seek to prevent the spread

Since Government made it mandatory for its employees to get vaccinated or lose part of their salary, private companies and organisations are slowly taking a cue by advising their employees to ensure that they get vaccinated in order to protect everyone at the workplace from the Covid19 pandemic or at least show proof of a Covid19 negative certificate obtained at own cost.

Advising its workers through a memorandum Regional Managing Director Dr E.E. Mhandu said, “The Board and Management of Seed Co is commended for showing leadership in being among the first to be vaccinated.  In addition, the Board approved the purchase of 10 000 doses of Covid19 vaccines for staff and key stakeholders.

“The rollout of the vaccinations has started and there is no excuse for anyone at Seed Co not being vaccinated as we thrive to create a Covid19 free workplace.

CBZ Group Human Resources, Nyasha Mutsai also sent a memorandum to its staff, urging workers to be vaccinated, while highlighting the lengths at which the company has gone in order to ensure that every member of its staff is vaccinated.

“We have and will continue to ensure that in all ways possible, we will provide adequate opportunity for our staff to be vaccinated.  So far we have achieved this through our ongoing Staff Health Bonus scheme and also through the mobile vaccination drives we have been bringing to the workplace.  These initiatives have been for both temporary and permanent staff in the most convenient and efficient manner to ensure your access to vaccinations in a decongested and safe environment,” read the Memo.

Members of staff from the two companies that chose, for some reason, not to get vaccinated, are faced with stringent measures, that include production of a negative PCR certificate (obtained at own cost) after every 72hours, that show the person is not infected.

“For the avoidance of doubt, by 1 August 2021, every member of staff employed by CBZ Holdings on a permanet or temporary basis who has not yet lodged their vaccination certificate, must either submit their vaccination certificate or an exemption application to Staff Health,” said Mutsai.

Seed Co on the other hand took a much firmer stance on those that shunned the vaccination exercise, clearly stating that, “with effect from 1 August 2021, Company will send all unvaccinated employees on leave and will request to see a Covid`9 vaccination certificates or negative PCR certificates taken within 24hrs at the cost of the unvaccinated employees as and when they come to the factory.”

Meanwhile, the Government has managed to successfully run a vaccination program for its employees in order to attain the herd immunity needed to fight this Covid19 pandemic, in time to resume real issues of Economic Development and that can only be done when everyone is hands on deck.  The Civil Servants were also given an ultimatum to either get vaccinated or risk losing part of their salaries.  

However, the country’s detractors who are bent on causing disharmony offered to give free legal representation for people to contest the mandatory vaccinations.

“I am available to assist anyone requiring free legal action against forced vaccination or discrimination as a result of non-vaccination or by any employer.  Kindly contact me and spread the message to any potential victims,” wrote one Pastor Obert.

 Advocate Thabani Mpofu clarified Pastor Obert’s misconception of an employment contract between employee and employer.

“An employment relationship is not static but responds to conditions affecting the employer’s enterprise.  This principle will affect many employees and might result in massive job losses.  There are binding requirements not explicitly stated in your employment contract. Vaccinate,” said Advocate Mpofu.

He explicitly informed the employees to adhere to the employer’s demands or risk losing their jobs.  Covid19 pandemic has affected many business enterprises globally and the only way the world and subsequently countries can build themselves up is if they can safely return to their jobs and this entails that they run a vaccination program.