MDC A fails to raise funds to replace Jongwe’s tombstone

Political Reporter

An initiative by Hwange Central legislator and recently appointed MDC Alliance deputy treasurer, Daniel Molokele to raise funds to purchase a tombstone for the late Learnmore Judah Jongwe has hit a brick wall with the party failing to raise the required amount.

A source within that party told this publication that efforts to raise    US$1 000.00 for the purchase of Jongwe’s tombstone had not yielded much as three months after the launch of the fundraising, only US$230.00 was raised.

“Molokele started this initiative of raising funds to purchase Jongwe’s tombstone some three months ago, but up to date only US$230.00 was raised. The US$230.00 was donated by Molokele himself as other members shunned the initiative. Maybe with him becoming the deputy treasurer, he might take some party funds to purchase the tombstone,” said the source.

The source added that it was worrying that the party had a tendency of neglecting its late members despite their contribution to the opposition movement.

“It’s worrying that the party neglects Jongwe even in death despite his immense contribution to the struggle. The party can have the audacity to sponsor lavish lifestyles of some leaders but have no money to purchase just a tombstone for Jongwe. It’s sad,” added the source.

According to the source, it seems Jongwe’s contribution to the opposition movement had been erased from the minds of the current party leaders as they continued to ignore Molokele’s plea for donations to purchase the tombstone. He added that it was sad to hear some party leaders and supporters calling for donations to purchase a luxurious armored vehicle for Nelson Chamisa despite doing less for the late members such as Jongwe, Tonderai Ndira and Gift Tandare among others.

Jongwe, who was the MDC spokesperson, died in prison in October 2002 at the age of 28 after being incarcerated for killing his wife Rutendo. He was buried in Samambwa village in Zhombe.