Patriotism key to the country’s development

Staff Reporter

Political analysts have scoffed at the MDC Alliance for its pull-them-down syndrome during the COP26 summit, where they peddled unpatriotic narratives and misinformation.

Cleopas Muzonzini, a political analyst based in the United Kingdom (UK), bemoaned the lack of political maturity exhibited by the MDC Alliance and its leaders during COP26.

“What Nelson Chamisa should impart on his followers is that patriotism does not describe one’s political allegiance, rather it merely states that one is Zimbabwean,” said Muzonzini.

Muzonzini was making reference to the false allegations by the MDC Alliance that Zimbabwe had the biggest delegation at COP26, yet failed to acknowledge Zimbabwe’s opportunities towards international collaboration, and chose to focus on trivialities.   

“This was the first time Zimbabwe had been invited to attend huge meeting in the West other than the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in more than 20years.  This called for all progressive Zimbabweans to take the opportunity and hype the event, instead the MDC Alliance chose to focus on trivial matters that were not even true.

“For starters, Zimbabwe did not have the largest delegation at COP26, President Emmerson Mnangagwa had 129 delegates, yet Brazil had 479, Turkey 376, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had 373, Ghana 337, Russia 312 and the host nation UK had 230 participants.  Zimbabwe is right at the bottom end of the stick in terms of the number of delegates.  But the MDC Alliance and its leaders went overboard with the false narrative,” Muzonzini said

Opposition leader of the Labour Economic and African Democrats (LEAD) Linda Masarira took a swipe at the levels of unpatriotism exhibited by members of the MDC Alliance regarding President Mnangagwa’s address during the 9am to 1pm slot, which was largely empty for all leaders who gave their addresses during that time.

“Hichilema from Zambia was addressing, it was empty.  Zambians aren’t mocking their President about it.   We need to take time and introspect as Zimbabweans. Brand Zimbabwe is more important than the bitterness most Zimbabweans harbour. We only have one Zimbabwe.

 “Let us cultivate the spirit of building Brand Zimbabwe, working together in our diversity to rebuild Zimbabwe,” said Masarira