Welshman Ncube causing havoc in Byo

Political Reporter

Chaos is brewing in MDC Alliance Bulawayo Province with members contemplating demonstrating against that party’s co-vice president Welshman Ncube for revolting against Nelson Chamisa.

A source who spoke to this publication said Ncube is causing havoc in Bulawayo since he rejoined the opposition movement accused of creating parallel structures in a bid to re-launch his waning political career.

“The Matebeleland godfather (Ncube) is busy building his empire and is trying his best to revive his Green party with the help of Bulawayo Province rebels such as James Sithole and Ernest Rafamoyo who pretend to rally behind president Chamisa. Members are now tired with Ncube’s shenanigans and they are contemplating demonstrating against him, ”said the source.

The source added that Ncube was in the process of strategically placing his loyalists on influential positions ahead of 2023 elections.

“Currently Ncube is positioning his loyalists on influential positions and has already shortlisted candidates to contest on behalf of the MDC Alliance in the impending by-elections and the forthcoming 2023 elections. Ncube is sidelining everyone who sympathises with Chamisa and is working closely with former members of the MDC Green/Ncube. Chamisa should open his eyes before he loses his presidency to Ncube,” added the source.

The source further said that Matebeleland region has become problematic to the opposition movement as all factionalism in the party could be traced to that region. He added that those who brought empty baskets to the MDC Alliance are the ones giving problems as they are not loyal to the party.

The source further accused Pumula councilor Skhulekile Moyo, Ncube’s confidante, of using pepper sprays during meetings as a way of inciting members to be violent.

“Moyo always carries a pepper spray wherever she goes and usually use it against fellow party members. We are now wondering if Moyo is indeed a member of the MDC Alliance or she has a sinister agenda. Such people like Moyo should not be in the party as they are dangerous and divisive,” added the source.

The MDC Alliance is currently embroiled in factional fights that are threatening to tear the party apart ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.