‘Ncube, Khupe two sides of the same coin’

Political Reporter

MDC Alliance co-vice president Welshmen Ncube has been accused of divisive and tribal politics in the embattled party, in a bid to position himself for the party’s top post.

A source who spoke to this publication described Ncube as worse than Thokozani Khupe as he has caused more damage to the opposition movement due to his unquenchable appetite for power.

“Ncube is just bad news to the MDC Alliance. We used to complain about Khupe, but she was way better than Ncube when it comes to divisive and tribal politics. Ncube is a guru in dividing people and undermining President (Nelson) Chamisa. What we complained about Khupe in the past, Ncube has just tripled that,” said the source.

The source said that it was baffling that Ncube claimed to be the godfather of Matebeleland region, but had a tendency of boycotting Chamisa’s meetings in that region opting to spent time with his praise singers.

“Ncube claims that he is the godfather of the Matebeleland region, but since President Chamisa started his tours in the region, he has never accompanied him. He has never attended a single meeting chaired or addressed by Chamisa in the region opting to spent time with his clique of James Sithole and others. To make matters worse, we have never seen him wearing regalia that have Chamisa’s face or name on it. We strongly doubt if Ncube is still one of us,” queried the source.

The same source added that Ncube was working overtime to amass wealth and was using his position in the MDC Alliance to strike deals that are only beneficial to him. The source claimed that Ncube acquired, under unclear circumstances, a large piece of land that previously belonged to ZAPU and was running a cattle ranching project funded by some Westerners.

According to the source, Ncube told his inner circle that the West now preferred his candidature to the MDC Alliance’s top position as they consider Chamisa to be immature and politically inept. The source said that Chamisa should not be hoodwinked by the fake smiles he got from Ncube as he was working to dethrone him before the 2023 plebiscite.

Efforts to get a comment from Ncube were futile as his mobile phones were not reachable.