Professor “turncoat” Jonathan Moyo at it again

Staff Reporter

…As he labels MDC-A a group of cultists

Professor Jonathan Moyo has labelled the MDC Alliance a cultist grouping, while throwing that party leader, Nelson Chamisa under the bus ahead of the much awaited 2023 harmonised elections.

Speaking through his Twitter page, Prof Moyo elucidated that the endorsement of the MDC by the late former president Robert Mugabe in the 2018 election was purely a coalition of politics and nothing more.

“In actively and openly campaigning for Nelson Chamisa in 2018, president Mugabe and G40 never said they wanted to join the MDC, never.  It was pure coalition politics.  Only cultists don’t get it.

“With president Mugabe no more and MDC A cultists running amok with their intolerance and immaturity, surely things cannot be like they were in 2018.  Just like Zanu Pf can’t have a one party state, a one party opposition is untenable.  Noone will beg anyone for anything pre2023,” said Prof Moyo.

Rubbishing Chamisa as the ideal presidential candidate for 2023, Moyo said, “Some of us, certainly I, have seen Chamisa as the best foot forward but maybe we are in-fact wrong.”

Chamisa has been described as an immature politician who would fail to get along with the security establishment in an unlikely event that he wins the 2023 elections as they view him as immature for national leadership.

Meanwhile, Prof Moyo, a known political turncoat, has finally turned his coat and hung Chamisa out to dry by calling him immature, paranoid and an unfit candidate for the presidential election come 2023 harmonised elections.