ZANU PF vows to reclaim the urban councils

Staff Reporter

…As it concludes peaceful internal elections

ZANU PF has declared its plans to reclaim all urban councils that it lost to the MDC, while expressing its disappointment at the poor state of town and cities that are below SADC standards.

“Twenty plus (20+) years ago we handed to MDC functional towns and cities, under the leadership of both the late Morgan Tsvangirai and leader of the MDC A Nelson Chamisa, today they are all run down,” read the post on ZANU PF Patriots.

Lamenting on the deterioration of the cities and towns since MDC took over their running, the ZANU PF Patriots said, “Towns are dirty, sewer bursts everywhere, no clean water, Municipal clinics and schools run down.”

Recently, ZANU PF peacefully conducted internal provincial elections, where people came in hordes to cast their votes and support the process, an indication that ZANU PF is growing every day.

Speaking through a press statement, ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity and Party Spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa said, “Once again, we congratulate our Party membership for electing to abide by the rules and guidelines set by the leadership and prescribed by the Party’s sacred Constitution. 

Following the conclusion of these elections, all Party members are encouraged to intensify the process of registering themselves as voters to ensure that everyone is part of the five million plus votes for President ED Mnangagwa, the Party’s undisputed Presidential Candidate for 2023,” Mutsvangwa said.