MDC Alliance members jostle for parliamentary slots

Political Reporter

The Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance members have started jostling for the 27 available parliamentary seats that are up for grab in the forthcoming by elections scheduled for 26 March this year.

The parliamentary seats were left vacant through deaths and the recalling of legislators by the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC T party.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the proclamation of the by elections date by President Mnangagwa has triggered intense infighting and mudslinging in the MDC Alliance.

“Although the party is yet to officially invite members to file their CVs in readiness for the selection of candidates, there is already fierce jostling for positions in many constituencies. Members have already started de-campaigning and labelling each other as Mwonzora loyalists. The mudslinging is just too much and it is not good for the party,” said the source.

The source added that the rumour that Chamisa might handpick the candidates to contest in the next by elections has triggered massive bootlicking to enhance chances of being hand-picked.

“There is rumour that Chamisa might cherry-pick candidates who will represent the party in the forthcoming by elections. Chamisa is of the opinion that primary elections are divisive and time consuming, hence he wants to handpick candidates to represent the party. However, this has prompted interested members to start bootlicking him and some are clandestinely giving him presents with the hope of being handpicked to represent the party during elections,” said the source.

According to the source, the forthcoming by-elections are likely to intensify factional fights within the MDC Alliance as faction leaders are positioning their loyalists to represent that party during the by elections.

“The by elections have rekindled the factional fights within the MDC Alliance. Both the Chamisa faction and Maruva cabal are lining up their loyalists to represent the party during the coming by-elections. This is likely going to trigger a serious fight as no faction would want to concede defeat,” added the source.

The MDC Alliance is embroiled in factional fights and this is likely going to cause serious infighting during the candidates selection process ahead of the forthcoming by-elections.